06 March 2009

Why, why, why?!?

Seems everyone has an agenda. Me too. If you happen to have a Practice in San Diego and are in need of technical assistance, please feel free to give me a call. Not in the San Diego area, you say? Then I suppose you'll get the benefit of my writings, reviews, and recommendations (like the alliteration?) all for the cost of your internet access. Sorry, nothing's free.

I see Doctors that are technology buffs, a few defunct writings of technology companies that cater to Dentists, but no real resource for matter-of-the-fact questions and answers. As if our profession were some sort of mystery. Don't look behind the curtain! So here I will attempt to answer the questions posed to me day in and day out, provide an independent opinion of hardware and software (no, I am not a reseller of anything other than my time), and add a little flavor to the otherwise bland topic of "computers".

And don't be shocked if you read about a horror story I've encountered in a Dental office that happens to be set up in the same fashion as your office. I have seen the results of more than a few, shall we say, misguided "computer guys". And not just in the Dental industry, so please don't feel you're being picked on.

That said, if you have a question that's really been bugging you but you haven't had anyone to ask, send it along. I'll see what I can do. And I might even post it as a lesson for all other Doctors (without the obvious identifying traits, of course).