11 March 2009

No Antivirus Needed..

Do you really need to brush your front teeth? Don't your back teeth do all of the chewing?

Sounds a bit comical, doesn't it. By the same token, this is the reasoning Doctors are given by their technology support providers when asked why they don't need antivirus software on their operatory computers. "You won't be browsing the internet, so you don't need antivirus software." Sounds a bit comical to me too.

Sadly, this little bit of "advice" seems to be more common that I had hoped. Briefly, YES, you NEED antivirus software on all systems. The only exception to this is if the computer will not be connected to any network, router, or wireless access point (e.g. a portable CEREC system). However, if it plugs into the network even just to access digital x-rays, please protect the system, and by extension your entire network, with antivirus software.

Why, you ask? The vast majority of viruses, trojan horses, and boot sector infections are made to spread themselves to any system they can discover. If one computer on the network becomes infected (say.. the Consult Room system that doubles as the Staffs' internet kiosk), the malware will broadcast over the network looking other machines that are vulnerable. Any system without antivirus software that it can contact is gravy.

So what do you do now? Purchase the necessary number of licenses of NOD32 Antivirus, Business Edition by Eset to cover all of your systems (especially that internet kiosk in the Consult Room).

Coming soon.. Why NOD32 instead of say.. AVG Free Edition. I'm shaking my head already.

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