31 December 2009

I'd like a second opinion..

Quite the busy end of year rush. And all because of those few simple words. I've seen a significant increase in business over the past two months (which has kept me from posting) because Dentists are beginning to question their current computer technical support. And for good reason. Overcharging and under-delivering seems to be norm lately. And so, as the Dentists searched for a second opinion, I was called upon to deliver.

I'm also writing this because I'm attempting to convince a Practice that they should do just this, ask for a second opinion. They're in the midst of changing practice management software, and they've been quoted an exorbitant amount of money to upgrade/replace their computers in order to support the new software. Unfortunately, it seems many Dentists are used to one person (their Rep) providing the vast majority of their supplies, software, etc. And when it comes to their systems, they're used to relying on one opinion so they accept whatever quote as the cost of business.

Most unfortunate is that the technical support companies that cater to Dentists seem to know this, and in my experience they have been taking advantage it. So I'm trying to spread the word that Dentists should at least consider "I'd like a second opinion" when evaluating system upgrades. They might be pleasantly surprised.