17 April 2010

Secure, remote access.. please!?!

I suppose having used remote access to systems, servers, and network equipment for many years, it's a bit of a novel concept. But I still find the question coming from Doctors to be a bit entertaining. More and more often, I'm asked how to securely access patient data without having to drive to the office. For me, the answer's simple: LogMeIn.

I've used LogMeIn Free, Pro, and Central versions for quite some time. I've worked with several other products in the past, but I've found LogMeIn to consistently be easy to use and problem-free. And so, I've stuck with their product consolidating the various systems for which I'm responsible into a single account. An additional perk? I can setup access to the individual accounts of other users (read Doctors) in order to help out when called upon.

As I mentioned, it's a bit entertaining when the Doctor has that "wow" moment, realizing how simple it is to review the patient information on the office computers while sitting at home. And the "Thank you!" is appreciated after they've reviewed x-rays over the weekend without the drive. But what're really great are the expressions when I walk through the use of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone allowing remote access from just about anywhere, literally.