31 August 2011

My how time flies..

Picking up new clients, maintaining the status quo for current ones, and welcoming back former departures seem to have taken over any time I don't specifically set aside for family. And though I haven't posted anything new in some time, the existing articles seem to become more popular by the month. Call it inspiration or guilt, but I find that I really need to put the effort into regular articles. And I have so many topics to choose from lately.

Whether it be the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the latest iGadget, the uncertainty created by HP's recent announcements, or one of the many anecdotes from recent experiences, I need to roll out some of this information on a timely basis. And if I haven't touched on a subject near and dear to you, feel free to contact me at any time to ask. As witnessed by my lack of recent posts, I don't right about every mistake, workaround, or discovery I come across. But I might just have an answer for you.

So please, stop back again soon. I'll have fresh content for you, and perhaps we'll all learn a little something.