25 May 2010

When smaller is better..

For years I've been recommending the Gyration keyboard and mouse primarily due to the small form factor of the keyboard. Space on the countertops of operatory cabinets is always at a premium. Installing a full-size keyboard, even wireless, creates competition with dental instruments and supplies on a daily basis. This is where the Gyration keyboard excelled; a smaller footprint leaving room for what is truly necessary.

And now there's an alternative, the Microsoft Arc keyboard. The small form factor maintains the small footprint of the Gyration keyboard, and adds a very nice look and feel to the product. Not only functional, but the Arc keyboard leaves a nice impression without even using it. I've paired these with the new Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 for a clean look and responsive use. The new mouse even uses BlueTrack™, providing smooth tracking on just about any surface without the need for a mousepad. In the dental operatories, you'll know this is important to ensure cleanliness.

Having worked with and installed these keyboards and mice (and seen the very positive reactions firsthand), I can't recommend them enough for your office. The cost is very reasonable for a wireless product, and even better.. it just works. And while this may be the last thing I mention, it is the first thing I look for when reviewing any product for a potential recommendation to clients.


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