09 May 2010

What Implant is that?

Not that I would know (I'm not a Doctor, I support their technology), but the thought of an online resource to identify implants based on radiographs is very interesting. I'm a technology person. I find resources like what implant is that? to be fascinating. So when I came across the free online reference of implants, I found myself spending quite a bit of time just researching implants.

From the technical standpoint, the site is very well put together. The ease of use is nicely done as well. I was able to quickly review different implants based on their charateristics. Again, not being a Doctor, I'm fairly certain I'm not the target audience. But I found the site very effective in its stated goal.

And so, if you find yourself looking at an x-ray of an implant and wondering "What implant is that?", you have an excellent online resource to answer just that question. If you're just curious, give it try anyway. You might find yourself digging into all of the various implants just for fun.


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