21 July 2009

Disaster recovery done right..

What happens when the computer used to process all digital x-rays via phosphor plate encounters a hardware failure, bringing all x-ray production to a standstill? Pick up the phone in a panic and hope that technical support can resurrect the system? Fortunately, in this case it was a regular client.

One hour later, everything is up and running as if nothing ever happened. Coincidence? No. The Doctor has listened to my incessant calls to protect the data collected from patients in all digital form to ensure no single point of failure threatens the Practice. In this case, the system that processes the digital x-rays does not contain any sensitive data. It is a means to an end. All of the data is securely stored on the server awaiting the replacement worker bee to send more images.

And so the Doctor left for lunch unable to process x-rays only to return as if nothing was wrong. I only hope more Practices are secure in their computer support. Something leads me to believe the answer is unfortunately no.

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